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Book review: Isobel by Aden James

  • Steve, AKA Laz, had been a firefighter for countless years. It was a job he loved, a reviewprofession he was proud of. Over his years he had seen many horrors, but he tried his best not to bring them home. But sometimes there isn’t a choice, sometimes things stay forefront in your mind, and others they simply cling to you and refuse to let go. There was something about the woman in that crash, and perhaps a reason she followed him everywhere she went. She had died, and since her death the strangest feeling had been following him, it was something which only grew worse. After one fateful night his views on everything he thought he knew were turned askew, something evil was drawn to him, somehow he needed to free himself of this burden before it harmed him, or worse still, someone else.

One of the first thing you’ll notice when you delve into this book is how real some of the situations feel. It can be very atmospheric, and at time tense. The author starts by smoothly and effortlessly familiarising the reader with any jargon associated with the necessary roles. As you read it is easy to see yourself stood at the scene alongside Steve, or witnessing events from the distant past. I normally don’t like first person POV, but this is yet another book that has successfully chipped away at my dislike for this perspective. The tone and style it is a written in was just so natural and fitting. Nothing about the book felt forced, and I was eager to find out what discoveries Steve would make as he sought out his own answers. This is a great read, and better yet, proceeds go to charity. A great story and a good deed in one, what more could you ask for?

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