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Book review: The Case of the Mona Lisa by Yvonne Jones

Wen loved spending time with his Gramps. What child doesn’t love spending time with reviewtheir grandparents? After all, they have seen the world, explored its secrets, and everyone knows they tell the best stories. Little did he know there was a reason his Gramps knew them, he had been part of some incredible adventures. This summer Wen was looking forward to spending the entire holiday with his Gramps. Imagine his surprise when he discovers it is time for him to learn the family secret. Within his grandfather’s house is a library, filled with the tales he so loved to hear. Never did he imagine they were stories made possible by his own family, or that his family was able to travel through time and stop the loss of masterpieces. Now it is time for Wen to join the family mission, his task, to save the Mona Lisa.

The Case of the Mona Lisa is a children’s time travel fiction written by Yvonne Jones. The gamer in me really loved the fact the stories in the book given to Wen had to be unlocked before another one would open, and another mission could appear. It would make a brilliant game, probably a great children’s tv series too, imagine the adventures through time learning and unlocking pieces of art and their history. For me, it had a little bit of ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego’ feel about it, sleuth skills meet subtle learning, with emphasis on subtle learning. It’s a easy read, and well suited for the target audience, and I speak from experience when I write the adult reading/listening to it will enjoy it too.  I will certainly be reading this again, when my son is older.

Book link:

The Case of the Mona Lisa



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