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Book review: The Gate by Isabella

Harley had just discovered her girlfriend had been cheating on her. She needed space, reviewtime to collect her thoughts, time away without distractions. But with nothing to busy the mind her thoughts turned dark. She had a gun, for protection, but other considerations began to surface, unwanted thoughts. She knew how to do it, even how to overcome her own fear. That night she fell asleep to such thoughts, and when she awoke she had the headache from hell, and two bullet shells in her hand. It was only when she met Jack, a young man seeking his afterlife, she began to wonder what had happened. Soon she discovers she’s between worlds. The dark souls, hunting and praying on those searching for their gates, for some inexplicable reason can’t see her, but she can see them, not only that she can kill them. In exchange for his help she agrees to help Jack find his gate, yet through her travels she finds so much more.

The Gate by Isabella is one of those books that will have you hooked from the start. I made the mistake of starting it before bed and found it almost impossible to put down. Part of the reason was the author’s writing style, she successfully executes an informal tone without it being too familiar, this is something I have seen many authors attempt, but few have succeeded on this level. I also couldn’t wait to unravel what had happened, and what was going to happen. Above I have already hinted at the story, and don’t want to spoil anything by revealing some of the great revelations and developments, so just trust me when I say this book won’t leave you wanting.

Book link:

The Gate


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