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Kathleen had been drawn to Stonehenge, certain she would make the discovery of a reviewlifetime. She had no idea how right she was. Millennia before an ancient war had ended in this very spot. But she shouldn’t have found it, the time had not been right, but her intrusion had started events, and now in motion they will not be stilled. Powers were reborn that had been forgotten. The final act in the war had been one of deception, an escape from death itself. But just as evil did not go unchallenged before nor will it now. The ancient war will begin anew. Those awakening to their powers must learn to control them if they are to take their rightful place.

The awakening is an enjoyable read, and not your typical werewolf book. It is filled with ancient and forgotten  a power in a modern world. You’ll find yourself pulled along for the ride with intriguing characters and enjoyable writing.

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