Book Review: Everything To Lose by Gordon Bickerstaff

Gavin Shawlins is one of the leading researchers in his field, his services have been reviewsought to work for the Lambeth group. Still in mourning for his recent loss his focus is not where it should be. But he is the only one who could infiltrate Waterlooville University Campus undetected. Something there has backfired. They’ve published findings that don’t make sense. He is assigned to Zoe, a well seasoned team leader, the threat of his life is still imminent, and it’s her team’s task to not only watch over the mission, but keep vigil on him. The more they investigate, the more precarious the situation looks, missing students, guarded secrets, and whispers of a ground breaking discovery.

Gordon Bickerstaff is a consistently excellent author. He writes believable and well-researched stories that possess accessible science and understanding for people with no knowledge of the areas being discussed. He achieves this in a manner where it never once seems dry or lecturing, a task often difficult to accomplish, and I stand in awe of his skill. The plot is gripping, from the first page to the last it is driven by characters, discovery, and mystery making it one book that is impossible to put down. If not for the fact I needed to sleep I would have read this amazingly crafted story in one sitting. I read and review a lot of books, but the number I recommend is limited, Everything to Lose has my unquestioning recommendation.

Book link:

Everything To Lose


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