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Simone had struggled to ignore the voices for so long, they had once driven her to the 51LzAofuvpLbrink of madness. If not for Michael, her loving husband, she would have long been lost to the inaudible chattered. He helped her to focus, to push back the deafening noise to a more bearable level. She never would have imagined what she heard to be so important, the herald of a new and coming age. The veil drawn between worlds, for better or worse, is coming down, and Simone has been gifted with the ability to hear those from the other sides. A skill she must embrace if she is to save all the universes.
I don’t read a lot of Christian fiction, but this is what I imagine to be a brilliant example of the genre. Well-written, with a plot that highlights the apathy and sins of man, as well as their potential for good, and the far spanning reaches of this goodness. The author includes figures from other religions, legends, and beliefs in a well-handled manner. It is a book that will make you think, and even reflect on your own attitudes and actions. The author shows great imagination with the alteration of creation myths to encompass multiple planes and realms, each different and unique. The overall message, for me at least, was one of love, and the power even simple actions can generate in an outward ripple effect that touches everything around.
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