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Book review: The Slave Girl by Jennifer Stone

Taya, broken, bloody and abused escapes the beating from her master’s wife after being 51LzAofuvpLforced into his bed. With no home, no money, and a sullied reputation, there are few who would lend her aid, and so, she returns to a home she once knew, a temple. They nursed her back to health and sent her on her way. Free for the first time Taya must now journey to find work, but the path before her is anything but easy, and far from what was expected.

The Gods are angry, their worship shunned for centuries by the removal of their tales until but two God’s remain in thought. All is not well in their realm, Galia has had enough, it is time to act, humanity will either redeem itself or be destroyed. It appears Taya may be the key, the prophesied orphan who could bring about salvation or damnation. But there are those who would oppose her, wishing her to fail for the sake of their own power.
I really enjoyed The Slave girl. Jennifer Stone creates a strong and developed protagonist impossible not to sympathise with, and a deep and interesting world. Written in the third personal narrative, description and world building are done in  such a manner that the reader can build their own image from the descriptions given. Friendship, betrayal, ancient prophecies, and angered gods, this is one story you can’t help but become invested in. I look forward to book two.
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