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Book Review: Ancient Evil by Brent J. Griffiths

Ancient Evil by Brent J. Griffiths is very unique is design, it could be viewed as three 51LzAofuvpLseparate stories if not for the fact they are woven together and integral to the larger picture.

Hael shows a promise beyond those of his peers, even those older, and more experienced, than him. For this reason this member of the Guest, the people who owe an un-payable Debt to the Host, is being watched. They believe he is the one they seek in order to ensure their plans fall into place. His power of compulsion is beyond that of even some of the Hosts, a feat thought impossible. He is destined for greatness, but the more he sees, the more he is made to question. His people, the Guest, have been fighting a war against the Ferals for over five-thousand years presided over by the Host, and they have been using any means at the disposal, even the converting of Guest criminals to forced enslavement, stripping them of will and self, before seding them forefront in battle alongside the Guest who work towards paying off The Debt.
Finn, is what some would call a genius, entering university at thirteen, and obtaining multiple degrees. He has studied Maths, Physics, and now finds himself drawn to Parapsychology and, for the first time, a girl, Rebecca. He helps conduct studies aimed at proving psychic abilities exist, but while doing so he stumbled upon a conspiracy, one which will shape the path of both their futures.
I really enjoyed reading Ancient Evil, the plot is divided into the focal of three characters across different times in their life. If I were to favor a time, it would be that of Hael, but only because I really enjoy well-written high fantasy. The other aspects are just as brilliant, but occur in a modern day setting. The combination was well-done, and the meshing of the plots was well-executed. As a reader you will find twists aplenty, real and fallible characters, and an engrossing, involving read packed with action, mystery, and intrigue. I look forward to reading the second book in this series Brent J Griffith’s has written a strong debut novel for this series, and I can see myself becoming hooked.
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