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Book review: The God Gene by Dean C Moore

Imagine a world where you can change anything51pinigc5yl-_sy346_ at whim, your eyes, hair, let’s say you want to mirror the phosphorescent glow of the animal kingdom, it can be done. Now forget about your looks, what do you want to be able to do, lift heavy objects, leap over a building in a single bound, create your own reality? Such is the world in Dean C Moore’s The God Gene. But the world did not come to be like this with ease, there had been failures, and mistakes had to be erased, how can people become as gods if proof of their mistakes lived on? Nova is such a specimen, and those who would rise above and be the best their tech and enhancements will allow will stop at nothing to erase him. Fortunately Nova has a guardian angel, a person whose only truth is ‘the only safe place is one step ahead of the other guy’s tech’ let’s just hope they’re up to the task, they can’t even begin to imagine what their actions will wrought.

The Gods Gene is impeccably researched. Achievable science and sci-fi meld. For the most part the techinicalities are easily understandable, making the futuristic ideas not only easily accessible to the audience but one possibility for the future. There were parts I had to re-read, but with an intricate plot such things are often to be expected. If you’re a lover of sci-fi you’ll certainly lose yourself in this high-tech world.


Book link:

The God Gene


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