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Toxic minds: The Damage is Done is a thriller/ drama written by author Gordon Bickerstaff

61cqvj4xwplAlexa always knew exactly what she wanted, she has the house, the children, but most importantly the job, and the job always came first. Her blinkered pursuit of her desire to become the CEO of Carluke Oil and Gas. Her work is second to none, and her research on fracking promises to change the industry. But such a one minded pursuit, at the expense of all else, carries a price and her daughter’s suicide attempt should have been a wake up call. It wasn’t. Soon she finds herself divorced, a scapegoat for Carluke’s image, and perhaps more concerning, she has made enemies who will do whatever it takes to bring her down once and for all.

Toxic Minds: The Damage is done is a thrilling read, wrought with controversy, sensitive issues, and antagonists you can’t help but hope meet a horrific and painful demise. Some of the the antagonists really got me riled. There are multiple story arcs running alongside the main plot, all of which come together beautifully in a tale of desperation, betrayal, ambition, and savagery. Toxic Minds was certainly an apt description for many of the characters within.

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Toxic Minds