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Book review: Power of the Stones by Aidan Stone

Countless races live within the universes, some516ncuiglll-_ss300_ by design, others forced to flee from war and then there are those who intruded on lands by sheer accident, touching relics of the past left behind. The Power of the Stones by Aidan Stone is a story of one such world, Aelfyce, a place where humans and lourack co-exist. But there is more to the world than how these races came to be, there are the stones. Those who don’t possess them want them, and those who have them want more. Adrian, the Lord High wielder regulates this magic, agreeing to have his implanter Insert them into those he deemed worthy. There are only two implanters, a means in place to ensure none possess the strength to challenge him for rule. Or so he thought. There are always those who will go to remarkable lengths to seize what they crave, and this is such a tale.

The Power of the Stones is a fascinating and gripping novella. Starting from the very beginning Aidan Stone sets a beautiful scene of how his world came to be before immersing the reader in a well-paced, enjoyable plot filled with a wide array of vivid and unique characters. I lost myself completely in the plot, the characters, strife and danger while learning the fundamentals of the world. It is a truly inspired read and Aiden Stone has certainly made it onto my list of buy again authors. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

Book link:

The Power of the Stones


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