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Book review: Time Will Tale by S.C Barrett (@StevenCraigBar1 )

The idea of time being sentient had never occurred to Nathan. All he had wanted to do reviewwas conquer it and bend it to his whim. He had been an expert in this field, highly qualified, respected, he had even been on the cover of Time, twice. Then came a fateful day where it all went wrong, a little too much to drink and his actions saw him blacklisted from all jobs in the field, a permanent blemish upon his career, he would be lucky to get a job cleaning a college’s toilets, let alone be allowed to lecture in one. But he did manage to get one teaching in a high school and he kept it, for a while. Then, one day, a mysterious benefactor arrived, promising Nathan his dream, funding, resources, all with no strings attached. All he had to  do was work towards his dream. This mysterious figure claimed to want nothing in return but for this success, but his success alone is reason enough. Follow a gripping journey through time in S.C Barrett’s Time Will Tale.

I really enjoyed the theory on ghosts, one of the principal guiding points on Nathan’s journey, the theory is not only intelligent but sounds credible. As a protagonist I thought Nathan was an interesting character, it was certainly fun to follow him, flaws and all. The book is a plethora of action, romance, adventure, intrigue, and discovery all combined with a healthy serving of humour. When I first started reading Time Will Tale, I was put in mind of Quantum Leap, the thought of his actions seeing the Lincoln assassination becoming impossible, and the need to repair the future put me in mind of the Kennedy episode, as did the thought of him leaping through time trying to fix his mistakes. S.C Barrett’s ‘s Time will Tale is engrossing, with a plot that is easy to become invested in.

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