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Book review: Addiction & Pestilence by Edmund Kelly (@edkell99 )

War is constantly advancing. Biological warfare was just another method. Tired of reviewsending their young off to die the military have a contract to Concord Labs to design a ‘super battlefield bug’ something they could drop on the enemy, but that wouldn’t spread and die out quickly. Under the guise of a drug treatment centre Concord Labs had access to all the test subjects they could want. Brian had fallen into the same downward spiral that had claimed his wife, except he thought he had found a hand of mercy. Instead he found himself isolated within the  testing facility, but for some reason, despite countless exposures, his test never returned positive. Then one day the unthinkable happened, the virus got out. The first of the four horseman rides, his name is pestilence, and death follows on his heels.

Addiction and Pestilence is filled with a cast of vivid characters who are three-dimensional, well-developed, and drive the plot onwards. Edmund Kelly has an intuitive style for dystopian fiction and appears to effortlessly set scenes and build tension. Filled with tension, drama, and intrigue you’ll find it hard not to be drawn through each dark and harrowing scene.

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