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Book review: Grind by Edward Vukovic

Grind by Edward Vukovic  is a fiction novel touching on aspects of romance, mystery, and 51WEaAAHa2L._SS300_occult. However the main focus of Grind is the effect people unknowingly have on other people’s lives. It follows Ziva, Michel, Simon, Isaac, and Danielle. Five strangers whose paths cross and alter the course of another’s future.

Ziva was raised to read coffee, her skills taught to her by her baba (Grandmother.) whose skills were sought far and wide by those wishing to learn of the future. Ziva understands all too well people do not always want to hear what they are foretold, yet she speaks the truth, whether they accept it is another matter. Ziva avoids reading for herself, but to know the future is tempting, and an urge she could no longer resist.

One of the most interesting things about Grind is the manner in which it was written. It takes the lives of five different characters and subtly combines them so they each have a profound and sometimes unknown effect of the lives of those mentioned. The book is written in parts, and whilst from multiple perspectives is all done in first person with a unique voice for each character. Each character has their own story, their own plot, it would be easy to view this book as a collection of shorter stories with two common themes, coffee and consequence. The descriptive voice of the author is well-developed, and the unfolding of events toward the dramatic conclusion is expertly executed. I can honestly say I’ve not read anything quite like it. It truly makes you sit back and reflect on how the things you do can effect people you may never even have met.


Amazon link: Grind


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