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Book review: Soul Retrievers by David Burton

Soul retrievers is an occult horror novel written by David Burton.

Getter is a soul retriever with a reputation, he always gets his soul. So when young 51NByiuRv5LBrittany’s parents enlist his services after discovering their daughter was mistakenly sent to hell they expected results. But no one expected these results. Soul retrievers are expected to operate discretely, delivering those misjudged to Heaven’s gate, but discretion isn’t always an option, especially when you’ve made enemies of some very influential demons. Running the mazes of Hell in search of Brittany, while avoiding the traps, perils, and monsters is one thing, doing so while being hunted is another. But why exactly does Mephisto seem so intent to ensure Getter never leaves. There is more to his hatred than meets the eye, and the discovery of the truth only brings more danger. Getter needs allies if he is to survive, but who in Hell would consider helping him?

Author creates a fantastic and plausible, nail biting, tension filled adventure through Hell. Filled with unique demons, native and scary wildlife, and brilliant scenery. He remaps hell, and believe me, everyone has a home here, a punishment to suit the crime. Filled with an array nicely developed characters, each with their own individuality you can’t help but want to discover where their paths lead. This book is not door the faint-hearted and there is imagery that will haunt you for long after you’ve finished.

Amazon Link: Soul retrievers


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