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Book review: Answering the Call by C.A. King

Jade’s dreams are unsettled. At first she blamed the horror movie she and her friends reviewhad watched, but sleep was something she desperately needed, and with her father about to make his position in equal rites of races from all realms known, it was something in short supply. She had no choice  but to live the nightmare, but it was in fact a message, one destined for her. A new future is being written, new dangers and adversaries are rising, and these seven are ancient, dating back to the time sin was named. There are seven of them and she must find the strength to survive them all.

Surviving the Sins, answering the call, is the beginning of what promises to be an interesting and involved series. I was introduced to this author’s work when I came across Tomoiya’s Story: Escape To Darkness, which I enjoyed reading, and this book was no different. I am actually going to circle back to The Portal Prophesies series, as I believe it comes first and I am eager to read more work from Answering the Call is a fast-paced, character orientated read which you’ll struggle to put down.

Book link:

Answering the Call


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