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Book review: The Deaduction agency by Terry Tumbler

Whether you are a believer or not is irrelevant, psychics have been employed to solve reviewcrimes that have otherwise left officials stumped. There’s no denying there are those seeking fame through theatrical displays wrought with reading body language and fishing. They are the chaff, but for all the charlatans, fakers, and scammers, there are also the real deal, the wheat so to speak, those with a genuine connection. The Deaduction Agency are just that. They commune with the spirits of the dead to discover the truth behind the crimes. Richard Pencil and his team, under the guidance of a mysterious benefactor, are soon inundated with work, some are cold cases which some of the team recognise, others are new  and disturbing investigations. Not just anyone’s could solve these cases, they would be impossible to solve by ordinary means and rules. Fortunately The Deaduction Agency play by the rules of a whole other world.

The Deaduction Agency is the fourth book in The Dreadnought Collective written by Terry Tumbler. The book itself is a collection of different cases undertaken, things from a husband acting untoward , to those of a more serious nature. I particularly appreciated how something seemingly innocent and straight forward grew more complex as the investigations continued, the progress was brilliant. What was sometimes deemed a cut and dry case became a tangled web of intrigue which kept me turning page after page, and reading scene after scene. There are many nice touches to this book, the development of characters and their relationships,  but one of my favourite intricacies was the switch in narrative depending on how the information is being  gathered and  who from.

Book link:

Deaduction Agency


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