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E Pepvo Eco Glay Callum, The council above all others. This was what the people were reviewtold the letters meant above the large iron gate. And the council ensured this was held true. They were the strongest, they were the best, such was enforced. And who would question it, people were told they no longer needed to learn, why read when you have an assigned duty to fulfil. Little by little freedom was being taken away, no one remembered when the arena was last open, or when children were permitted to play outside. The truth is, the council were just looking after themselves, protecting their lifestyle which they feared would lose if the people realised how strong their own abilities really were. They fooled themselves into thinking their actions would avert a prophecy of disaster, they were wrong and their own actions left them unprepared for the danger.
The first thing I did when I finished this book was to buy the next one in the series. I loved everything about this book, the vivid characters, the forming relationships, the developing powers, lore, realms, history, magic. The list goes on. I read a lot and this is easily one of the best books I have picked up this year. I rarely get this excited about a series, but this is a must read. brilliantly written, well-paced, immersive, honestly, I can’t find the words to praise this book enough.