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Book review: The Threat Below (Brathius History Book 1) by Jason Latshaw

51nWuTkwKkL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Threat below is the first book in the Brathius History series by author Jason Latshaw, and a series I will be following very closely.

I am not normally a reader of works written in the first person as I find most fail to have the same pull as those written in a different perspective, but the synopsis too good to resist, and I found myself almost immediately invested in the characters. I have said it numerous times, in numerous reviews, but one of my favourite things to see in a book is depth of characters and character development. This book is lacking in neither. From the start of this book the main characters are all tempered, for better or worse, by their experiences. There are a number of key main characters, and without spoiling anything I will say the changes they undergo are both realistic and surprising, more so in some cases than others.

The book itself follows the plight of the last remaining humans, including one Icelyn Brathius. But all is not well, centuries back they were forced to relocate to the highest peak, the only place safe from the threatbelows, as they call them. But with their main source of water becoming tainted, and barely enough to reserves to attend to everyone they are faced with a drastic choice. Go below, past the cloudline and hope to resolve the source of the taint. Or do nothing and slowly die.

There was so much to enjoy within this book, from the deeply engrossing narrative and enjoyable dialogue, to the plot itself and each unexpected revelation . When I first picked it up, I never imagined it would progress and end in the manner it does. The author expertly writes the main character Icelyn, and first person was definitely the correct choice allowing the reader a deeper insight into her emotions and thought processes as she adapts to the role expected of her in a very realistic manner. I can honestly say I am eagerly awaiting book 2 in this series.

Amazon links:

UK The Threat Below (Brathius History Book 1)

US The Threat Below (Brathius History Book 1)


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