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Book review: Every Least Sparrow by Carolyn Walker

Every Least Sparrow is a tale of parenthood. Carolyn Walker had two previous pregnancies, 51nkdZv9gsLprior to the birth of Jennifer, none of them had gone smoothly, the first resulted in the death of her son, born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs, from the second came her daughter Holly, also premature, but healthy. So carrying this baby to term had been a joy in itself. There had been no indication of problems, but then, after the birth the doctor delivered the news the baby had ‘a syndrome’. That is the moment which changes the image of the future. A parent’s picture perfect dream of the life and future they carry alters with just those simple words. The change could be something small, or life altering, but before you can plan for this new future you first need an understanding. Every Least Sparrow follows the author’s journey into this difficult, yet infinitely rewarding, passage into a special kind of parenting.
As the mother of a child with GDD and genetic complications affecting not only their health, but their ability to learn I felt this book and I would be a good match. I can easily relate to many of the experiences written in this book. Whilst my child does not have the syndrome discussed in Every Least Sparrow there are many parallels to the difficulties and rewards, so I understood this work on a level only a mother in a similar situation can. I’ll be totally honest, it was hard for me to read, stirring so many of my own emotions as I read about the trials and tribulations faced by this family.  I appreciated it being written as a narrative tale, rather than simply a list or impersonal view. This allows the reader to connect on a very personal level as the author bares their soul completely, sharing their immense joy and darkest moments of fear. Being a mother to any child is demanding, more so when they need that extra care and security. A book like this reminds parents they aren’t alone, and by revealing some of her darker moments Carolyn Walker gives comfort to other parents who would feel they have failed for showing such weakness. A heartwarming, worthwhile, and genuine read for anyone, giving insight into things most people would not even consider.


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Every Least Sparrow


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