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Book review: MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) by Neil Enock

MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) is an urban fantasy / Science 510phmbafelfiction novel written by Neil Enock.

Bob Wallace is an archaeologist with ideas that see him shunned, some even think him a mockery to their profession. Yet all of his theories, his outlandish ideas, are stemmed from fact. Never before seen artefacts and depictions opened his eyes to a whole new possibility and he had no fear about voicing them. But now those who ridiculed him are forced to re-evaluate their thinking as Atlantis appears, bringing destruction it its wake. The Atlanteans had no cause to be cautious, their Diachromes had long predicted the eradication of all life. They had not considered anything to have survived the visions they beheld of 2012. Yet here we are, thriving in an age of technology on a world they intended to reclaim.

The premise of MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1) is an interesting one, drawing attention to what some would call the failings of man, both socially and politically. It is certainly not difficult to see the benefits of their way of life, and the thoughts and considerations of those dwelling in Atlantis when faced with our world. Neil Enock creates a cast of well-developed, interesting characters to guide the reader through an entertaining story of discovery and reflection. Anyone loving Atlantean mythology, or seeking some insight into the ancient races or civilisations past, will find the delicious morsels woven into the tale enjoyable, and could even inspire further research into these fields. A page-turning insightful tale intended to inspire.


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MAYAN – Atlantis Returns (The Millennia Series Book 1)




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    1. You’re most welcome. Darn I missed the launch, I’ve been swamped these last few weeks. I hope it went really well. I’ve seen some of the pictures on Twitter, 🙂


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