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Book review: Sucker by Mark Lingane

Sucker, a supernatural fiction by Mark Lingane. Van H. Abraham, is plunged into a world 51eIcaACtQLwith a supernatural twist. As soon as he set eyes on the beautiful Mina his fate was sealed. She requests his services, her man has run off with a skinny blonde thing, and taken all her money to boot. Never one to relinquish a free drink he agrees to hear her story, but in the end refuses. He needs to make the rent but there are easier ways than a missing person case. Fate however had a different idea, the very next day he awakes to find a corpse on his doorstep, a skinny blonde thing. He and the police have never been on the best of terms, in fact it seems they will make any excuse to see him behind bars, so the appearance of the body gives just the excuse for a night in the slammer. And what a terrifying, earth changing night it turned out to be. The hidden world of vampires and demons is revealed, but they don’t want to stay hidden, not any more. Now they are moving to force a change, and it seems it is up to Van to stand in their way.

For the first few chapters of Sucker I could almost hear the Dick Tracy style voice over. It brought a familiar voice to a fascinating genre and filled me with nostalgia for those old novels and series. There is certainly no shortage of things to catch the attention, the initial missing person missive soon becomes a quest for things forgotten in history, and reveals the true nature if the world and it’s true terrors. The plot is an amalgamation of horror and humour. Whilst entertaining I feel the some parts need smoothing a little, nothing a little application of more show less tell wouldn’t resolve, but sometimes it causes the reading flow to be interrupted, and whilst the characters are unique with great dialogue I would have preferred more in the way of character development. The plot itself is unique and puts a new spin on the over saturated vampire and paranormal market. Mark Lingane presents an imaginative tale with some very interesting and unexpected twists. Given the contents I would recommend it to urban/paranormal adventure fans.


Amazon Link: Sucker


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