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Book review: Wilde Omens by Bree Lawrence and S.E. Babin

Wilde Omens (Time Wardens Book 1) by Bree Lawrence and S.E. Babin is a cyberpunk, time 51qLniJhoCLtravel, urban fantasy unlike any other. Life for Penelope is difficult enough, all her life she has worked hard to be unspectacular. A genius forced to reign in her brilliance making good grades, but not enough to draw unwanted attention. She has a simple life, works a modest job, but she is anything but ordinary. Things were just fine, until her estranged father came for tea, a man claiming to be Sherlock Holmes. Penelope is thrust into a bizarre world of time-travel and superhuman abilities as her birthday marks the activation of a birthright handing down to her by the genes of him and her mother. Immortality, something many seek, and with its activation in the untrained daughter of the serum’s inventor now seems the perfect time for those denied this boon to make their move.

Bree Lawrence and S.E. Babin successfully take classical characters such as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson and redefines them. I am a big Holmes fan in both literature and TV adaptations, inclusive of the more recent series such as Elementary, and I have to say I loved how the author had adapted these classical figures to meet their needs. With an interesting, page turning plot wrought with danger, betrayal, and deception you’ll still be guessing where Penelope should place her trust right up until the end. Wilde Omens being the first book in the Time Wardens series does an amazing job at setting the stage for future adventures. The characters are brilliant, vivid, and bursting with personality. Bree Lawrence and S.E. Babin have certainly displayed an amazing talent in their craft, and have woven a story that will keep you entertained for hours.


Amazon Link: Wilde Omens


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