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Correlations by P.S. Winn is a psychological, paranormal thriller. Lacey is having a tough 41fW9OWlopLtime, a tough life for that matter. Her mother was brutally murdered when she was but seventeen. She soon moved to live with her grandparents. They cared for her and watched over her until it was her turn to repay their kindness as they entered their twilight years. Years pass and Lacey’s grandma passes on to join her husband leaving Lacey alone. As if sensing her vulnerability strange things begin to happen with all signs pointing towards it relating to the events surrounding her mother’s deaths.

P.S. Winn weaves an interesting tale, filled with captivating characters, strange happenings, and a touch of the paranormal. Suitable for young adults and adults, a well-written clean read. Once you start reading this is a book impossible to put down, the building atmosphere and curiosity ensure you’ll keep turning those pages.

UK: Correlations

US: Correlations