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Book review: Tepid Blue by Dev Bhattacharyya

Yoga is a deep and spiritual journey of not only the self, but aimed to promote the 30408255harmonising of the body and mind. Tepid Blue by Dev Bhattacharyya delves into the word of yoga, its philosophies, workings, and beliefs. Explaining through poetry the depth and beauty of not only yoga but the things learnt to be appreciated through fully embracing and understanding its teachings.

Dev Bhattacharyya’s Tepid Blue is a beautifully written collection of poems, interspaced with pictures to create a well presented book. The addition of footnotes which either explain unfamiliar terms or, in the cases where one word is substituted for another for the sake of flow, express the interpretation of the word being used. For anyone who has studied yoga and energy this work will most certainly stir the deep meanings and kindle an understanding and unity. Those unfamiliar with the basics may feel a little out of depth as the use of unfamiliar terminology, however the work itself is beautiful and visual, so even with little understanding of the concepts it can still be enjoyed and understood. Through the poetry you can see the thoughts behind some of the yoga positions and grasp a greater insight into the art. The poems within are not only enchanting but serve to also be thought provoking, so much is included and so much information presented through verse it is impossible not to reflect on all within. A perfect read to open the heart and mind to yoga and a wonderful way to present its teachings.



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