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Book review: In the Wake of Death by Billy McLaughlin

Marc awoke, haunted by nightmares, suffering from some short-term memory loss and 4160ofv86wlduring the first stages of his recovery was unable to retain his new memories. He has been told events, as they were understood, countless times, but he failed to recall the events as they were described, in fact, his version of what happened far differs from that he is being told. But he is certain of one thing, he was with his partner Joel. His estranged sister Margo has been watching over him, fighting to find the means to pay his bills. Marc asks constantly about Joel, his fate, but he has not visited him once in all the time he was at the hospital, and Marc’s home shows no signs there was anyone living with him, and most confusing no sign of anyone called Joel being in his life. What there is, however, is a steady stream of cash withdrawals from Marc’s life long saving account in the time leading up to his ‘accident’. As Marc begins to recover he starts to piece together events from before his brush with death, and soon wonders if surviving was a blessing, or a curse.
Billy McLaighlin’s In the Wake of Death is a riveting read filled with dark thoughts, twists, and confusion as the character tries to piece together events before his accident. The characters are deep, well conceived, and all flawed in their own manner. The style of writing is beautifully descriptive with excellent scene setting. I can see myself purchasing more books from this author in the future.
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In the Wake of Death

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