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Book review: The Pain Season by Libby Doyle

The Pain Season by Libby Doyle is the sequel the The Passion Season and book two in the Covalent Series.

Rainer loves Zan, more than Heaven and Earth, Creation and Destruction, more than 510fs27fubl-_sx322_bo1204203200_Balance itself. It is as simple as that. Except nothing about their situation is simple, she is a human, born of the Earthly realm and he, well he is so much more. Some would call him an angel, others the son of the devil. Both, in a way, would be correct. He was banished to Earth long ago, and never before has he felt anything like this.  Zan is his light, the source of all he finds good. It was no easy decision to decide to trust her with his truth, a secret guarded so closely that even knowing it would jeopardise her life if the wrong people were to discover she knew. But fate had a different plan in mind, a plan to reveal his secret before he has chance to confide in her. She was shown the terror looming in the darkness and knows she is now a target. Zan retreats from him, doubting the truth of all they shared, fearing for her life, her sanity. She knows he will bring nothing but danger and throws herself into work, fending off temptation. Rainer mirrors her actions, throwing himself into battle, whilst working to give Zan the proof she needs to bring the false monks to justice, hoping, praying, she will return to him. Their energies had been as one, forever binding them, and now one of them wants to walk away, and there is more happening in his own realm than any would care to admit.

I first came across Libby Doyle when I read the Passion Season, and promised myself I would read the next book in the series. I am so glad I did. In The Pain Season we see the return of familiar characters as the Covalent realm continues its battle in the turning against Lucifer and his army of corrupted, not to mention the demons. Libby Doyle writes a brilliant tale with well-executed and masterful poise. Each character has their own tale, their own sub-plot. The Passion season is engaging, filled with great characters, conflict, and emotion. It is certainly difficult to put down once you turn that first page. As the second book it has every bit the same pull and intrigue as the first and more. This book is a credit to the author’s talents, as is the fact I will be awaiting the next installment with baited breath.

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The Pain Season


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