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Book review: The Eye of Divinity by Robert E Keller

I have recently finished reading They Eye of Divinity by Robert E Keller, (I know I am really motoring through my reading list at the moment.)

The story itself is based around the protagonist Lannon, who discovers he possesses a rare gift known as the eye of divinity. The book itself starts off immersing the reader in the life of this unlikely knight and the ever growing threat spreading across the world they live in.

When Lannon is first discovered, he is viewed as nothing special, until he proves his worth in a brilliantly subtle manner, and thus is taken to Dremlock to receive training with the other squires. But his journey there marks the start of escalating trouble, and there are those who fear his gift as a threat, and will take any measures necessary to see that Lannon cannot use his gift to thwart their plans.

The book progresses at a steady pace, giving the reader insight into the past, religions, and the history of the world they live in, in a manner which inks the events of the past, to those which threaten to befall them now.

As expected, a wide array of characters are introduced and the squires in Dremock train in anything from weapons to magic, thus allowing the author unadulterated creativity to use these skills when facing an enemy, something which is done very well.

By the end of the first book, things are really set into motion, as a reader, I am expecting the second book in the series to build upon the foundations created here and excel in both plot and character development as the series progresses.

The only way this book could have been improved upon, based my own personal preference, is I would have liked to have seen a little more character development and interaction from a social view point, allowing me to warm more to the characters. However with everything which occurs through the book, such an intervention would have probably detracted from the story and the tension being built. I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book and it is already added to my reading wishlist.


3 thoughts on “Book review: The Eye of Divinity by Robert E Keller”

  1. Very good review and I appreciate your personal, Human, approach other than some hard-lined mainstream approach. Your reviews provide me with a comforting consideration on whether or not a book shall go on my ‘To read’ list.


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