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Book review: Devils Den (Justin McKnight Adventures Book 1) by Leonard D Hilley II

The Devils Den by Leonard D Hilley II is the first book I have read by this talented author and it won’t be the last.index

The story starts with a young boy, Justin McKnight, about to spend his summer vacation at his grandparents. Bored on the long journey there he begins to draw, but this isn’t like his ordinary work. This single picture provides a window, a glimpse into a horror that now awakens. But this window wasn’t one way, he saw it, and it saw him. It’s hungry and this boy is exactly what he needs. He was always told to stay away from Devils Den, but a burning desire to please his grandfather drives him to enter the forbidden domain, and there, the real terror waits.The author’s style would equally appeal to both young and older readers. It possesses a combination of different genres such as horror, mystery, paranormal, and a touch of fantasy, all woven together to create a tense tale guaranteed to send a shiver through the reader’s spine.




UK: Devils Den

US: Devils Den


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