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Book review: Genetically Privileged by A. W. Daniels

Genetically Privileged is a Science Fiction book by author  A. W. Daniels51ixqUf7F4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

It follows the story of Mary and Joe Christianson, a couple who desperately want to conceive, but having had problems in the past they fear they will never have a child of their own. Betrayal and disappointment see the couple relocating to Bethlehem, where an old friend of Joe’s has a Fertility clinic. They are only slightly concerned about the fact the doctors seem more interested in what they would like their child to look like, rather than addressing the problems of conception. Then, a miracle happens, Mary and Joe, with the help of their old friend conceive a child, unaware of anything being different until certain event begin to attract their attention and open a world they never imagined. The plot doesn’t just follow Joe and Mary, and their child is not the first to undergo such special attention, we also follow the stories of some of these children in a very gripping, suspenseful and intricate plot.

I will be completely honest, this is the first book I have read that deals with genetic engineering in this manner. Having always had a love for science I found the information fascinating and it is clear a lot of thought and research went into this. The book does not rely heavily on science as it focuses on the characters and is a character driven story, however the information given on the technical side is well written and easy to understand. The writing style is gripping and flows well, especially considering the number of years that pass throughout the story. The involvement of side plots and alternative characters make this a well rounded and enjoyable read. I look forward to picking up book 2 soon.

Here are the links:

UK: Genetically Privileged

US: Genetically Privileged




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