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Book review: The Paladin’s Message by Richard Crofton (@WriterCrofton )

The Dark Year is in full momentum, Megan, having vanished without a trace, is being held awaiting the appropriate time in May when she will be forced to fulfil the role expected reviewof her. She had been a good girl, a church goer, and even helped with the outreach to assist those down on their luck. Megan’s father, journeys to the town his daughter was last seen, hoping to see something, uncover a clue, anything that could help him find his daughter. They had been growing apart since his wife’s death, he had missed the development of the wonderful young woman she had become. Using his skills from his time as Military Police he thought about how he could find her, the police were doing everything they could, but it seemed there is something he can do that no one else could. The dark have their minions, so too does the light have its devotees, but their numbers aren’t what they used to be and those who survived dare not act. Only one will set aside everything, risk everything, to ensure The Agents of Shadow do not win, he is a Keeper of White, but he cannot do it alone.

Having read Agents of Shadow I really couldn’t wait to get my hands The Paladin’s Message, and it did not disappoint. We see the return of familiar characters from the first book, new ones, and the mystery surrounding others slowly dissolve. Dark and haunting with a undertone of hope. Richard Croton once again displays his talent for atmospheric and descriptive writing with brilliant scene setting. I couldn’t help but be drawn into the pages. This is certainly a gritty read with dark twists and action that will leave you with a strange disquiet and a desire for more. A brilliant occult horror with the constant clash between good vs evil at its core. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

Book link:

The Paladin’s Message (The Keepers of White Book 2)    


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