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The Last Swordmage by Martin F. Hengst

Last night I completed the first book in The Last Sword Mage Trilogy by Martin F. Hengst. I have to say, this was another book that I really enjoyed.

The book follows the tale of Tiadaria, a young woman who starts off belonging to a small tribe before being sold to a slave trader. Eventually she comes to cross paths with a retired member of the King’s Guard, Royce, a man with very unusual powers for this world, the ability to both enter the Quintessential Sphere and use steel weapons, normally something impossible, but for his bloodline. Or so he thought.

I found this book to be really interesting with fantastic character development throughout. I enjoyed watching the forming bonds between Tiadaria and Royce, as they shift from hate and indifference to deep almost parental bonds.

This author has a fun and easy style of writing which means you can’t help but get drawn in to the events. The world, Solendrea, and some of its history, is brilliantly explained through the events leading to the climax of the story. Whilst many would argue, the book in itself is a stage setter for the next one, I would also add that it makes a good read in its own right. Having not yet read any more in the series, it has certainly piqued my interest enough for me to want to buy the next and find out what happens next.

If like me, you find yourself interested in this author and series, you can find the above book here:

US The Last Swordmage: The Swordmage Trilogy: Book 1 (Magic of Solendrea)

UK The Last Swordmage: The Swordmage Trilogy: Book 1 (Magic of Solendrea)


1 thought on “The Last Swordmage by Martin F. Hengst”

  1. I’m really glad you enjoyed Tiadaria’s adventure. I hope you’ll carry on to the rest of the series, if you haven’t already. 🙂

    Best Wishes,


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