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The Severaine, available for pre-order

Hi all, it is with great pleasure I announce that the second book in The Forgotten Legacies Series, The Severaine, is now available for pre-order 10% of the royalties from this title with be going to: The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) who provide practical and emotional support to military… Continue reading The Severaine, available for pre-order

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The Last Swordmage by Martin F. Hengst

Last night I completed the first book in The Last Sword Mage Trilogy by Martin F. Hengst. I have to say, this was another book that I really enjoyed. The book follows the tale of Tiadaria, a young woman who starts off belonging to a small tribe before being sold to a slave trader. Eventually… Continue reading The Last Swordmage by Martin F. Hengst