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The Severaine, available for pre-order

Hi all, it is with great pleasure I announce that the second book in The Forgotten Legacies Series, The Severaine, is now available for pre-order

10% of the royalties from this title with be going to:

The St John and Red Cross Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) who provide practical and emotional support to military personnel, their families and other entitled civilians when they are in hospital, rehabilitation or recovery centres and support patients from all three services, wherever they serve.


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Civilisations rise and fall leaving only dust and legend in their wake. Kingdoms were lost, and races forgotten. Across the countless span of time one threat rises, heralding the end of man’s rule, and laying to waste those who defiled its mistress. It is known as the Severaine, a power that in vengeance could bring even the Gods themselves to their knees. Each era overcame this peril so a new world could rise from the ashes of old. Lost within such wisdom could be the answers our heroes seek, a means to stop the threat before a new cycle is born.

But legends can lie and history can be mistaken.

There is another tale, a fable on the lips of few, it speaks of the means to force this power into submission, and there are those who would seek to bend this devastating might to their will.

Creatures rise, guardians wake, and sometimes even the meddling hands of man can turn divine plans awry. The prophesies of old were reforged by death and whisper now a chilling truth. If this path continues unobstructed there is only one conclusion. The end of man and god alike.

But there are some secrets that should never be uncovered and paths which mortals must fear to tread.

When revenge knows no boundaries there are some bonds even death cannot destroy.

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Whilst only the e-book is available for pre-order I would like to remind my readers that if you buy the paperback of any of my books: Herbal Lore, Darrienia, and The Severaine, through Amazon as it is enrolled in the Kindle Matchbook program you will can get the kindle edition for free.

Book links:

UK The Severaine

US The Severaine

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Save up to 67% on Herbal Lore

Hi all,

This week (6th-13th Dec) Herbal Lore is taking part in the Kindle Countdown deal and will be available at the reduced price of

£0.99 or $0.99

Do you know someone who is interested in herbal medicine? Perhaps even someone who wants to know more about how to incorporate herbs into their magical practices? If so this book could be just what they are looking for.

With an easy to understand layout, and step by step instructions for making key items, such as extracts, poultices, herbal candles, and even incense, it makes a fantastic reference for both the beginner and the seasoned herbalist.

Herbal Lore has already received 5 star review on and It can also be read free by anyone who subscribes to Kindle Unlimited.

Why not pick up your copy today?
UK – Herbal Lore

US – Herbal Lore

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Book review: The Storm’s Own Son: Book One and Two – Anthony Gillis

Good afternoon everyone.

I trust you are all well. So this review is a first for me, as I am not only reviewing the first book, but the second as I read them back to back. As the title of this post indicates, they are books written by the author Anthony Gillis and are the first two books in The Storm’s Own Son Series. The reason I am reviewing both at the same time is after finishing the first, I had to find out what happened next, I couldn’t simply leave it at the place the book ended. Always a sign of a good book and a well designed cliff hanger.

Another reviewer hit the nail on the head when they described it as a book about sex, violence, and magic. The protagonist isn’t your standard do-gooder type, he is perfectly designed with passions and flaws. Truth be told, at the start of the book I wasn’t sure it was going to be my kind of thing, but as you may have gathered, I soon changed my mind.

Without spoilers, the book itself is about the personal war of Talaos against The Living Prophet, one which unexpectedly sees new bonds, and powers developing in ways the reader would not have imagined given the start of the first book.

There are plenty of well-constructed fighting scenes as well as character growth and development. Mr Gillis uses a wide cast of supporting characters, all of which are as well-designed and detailed as the protagonist and even have their own sense of humour. At the end of book two, there are still so many unanswered questions, still so much to look forward to that it was very difficult not to start book three straight after.

I highly recommend this book, the writing style is smooth and enjoyable, the book is packed with actions, and the characters have a way of drawing you in.

Here are the links to Amazon, the first book is currently free, why not try it today?


Book one: The Storm’s Own Son: Book One (Storm and Fire 1)

Book two: The Storm’s Own Son: Book Two (Storm and Fire 2)

Book one: The Storm’s Own Son: Book One (Storm and Fire 1)

Book two:The Storm’s Own Son: Book Three (Storm and Fire 3)