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Book review: Tanor Costa – Dawn of the Cloaks (@Tanor_Costa)

For years there had been relative peace. The Hamen line ruled. With Eloy on the throne, reviewthings appeared calm. But how things appear upon the surface speak nothing of the undercurrents. War is coming, and it will take no prisoners,  except for those held within its thrall. Eloy is about to discover that there is more to his land and magic than he imagined, and more dangers than he could foresee even in his most terrible nightmares. Ancient beasts thought only fables bend to the will of his enemy, and their armies are powerful, set not only on erasing his line but all humanity itself. Can they stand against such a powerful force, and if so at what cost? There is more to events than Eloy knows, and more at stake than he could fathom.

Tanot Costa’s Dawn of the Cloaks is the second book in The Wars of Reckoning Saga. Having read the first I had eagerly awaited this next instalment and it did not disappoint. I loved the vivid cast of unique and interesting characters, all set upon their own course. Similar goals become separate movements as war approaches. The balance between action and plot progression is achieved perfectly. I couldn’t help but be fully invested in the characters’ plights, waiting with bated breath to see what Costa’s skilled hand has in store for them. Amazing descriptions combine with a truly epic plot that moves from strength to strength as the characters are forced to grow and change based on their own experiences. Readers of the first book are rewarded with the return of familiar characters as the new generation faces unprecedented challenges. Action, violence, and heart-pounding action combine with strong characters and an involved plot. I can’t wait to get my hands on book three, especially given everything that has unfolded.

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