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Book review: Erik Henry Vick’s -Arms Dealers (@BerserkErik)

In Erik Henry Vick’s Arms Dealers, werewolf and coffee-addict Leery Oriscoe had his reviewwork cut out for him when an unlikely pair of supernaturals team up to dismember a couple of mundanes. Hot on their trail he and his partner, Dru, have no idea what they are being dragged into. Beyond these seemingly innocent attacks is something more dastardly than they could have imagined. They thought they were dealing with some small-time villains, but come to discover just how high up this runs when their investigation leads straight to the leader of the zombie mafia, and she has her own story to tell.

Arms Dealers is episode 2 of  Erik Henry Vick’s Claw and Warder. I enjoyed the amalgamation of so many types of supernaturals, from the Norwegian forest trolls to Japanese demon spirits, and all these amazing creatures were found in the same local, under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Van Helsing. The banter between characters was brilliantly executed portraying different levels of complex relationships. Sometimes I couldn’t help but grin at a well-spun conversation, let alone how creatures’ unique traits or weaknesses are invoked to further the investigation. I enjoyed the third-person narrative and how the high-pressure roles were portrayed, including the clashing of heads over things like jurisdiction and unwanted pressure from those higher up. The characters were brilliantly portrayed and really enhanced this investigative fiction as they dig themselves deeper into trouble and paint more than a few extra targets on their backs. With fresh enemies being made at every turn, a possible mole in the department, knowing who to trust is but one of their many building problems, and one of many things that will keep a reader engaged in this suspenseful investigation.


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