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Book review: Willliam David Ellis, Kisses Of My Enemy

In Willliam David Ellis, Kisses Of My Enemy, the nameless one had been sealed in reviewTartarus long ago. The key entrusted to humanity. Occasionally, from time to time, there are those who find the means to unlock this prison, liberating the terror from within. Now is one of those times. With Germany set to fight against Russia, Bella knows they must be triumphant, and yet, her loyalty is torn. Harry, the dragon rider, is crucial to the unleashing of this beast, and she the bait to lure him to precisely where he needs to be. There is just one problem, she loves him. In one of the future timelines, they have a child, a future together. Will she follow her heart or the destiny she feels with seal Harry’s final end?

Kisses Of My Enemy is the third book in Willliam David Ellis‘ the Harry Ferguson Chronicles. While I feel I would have enjoyed this more had I previous knowledge it still works well on its own. As with many novels with alternating timelines, watching events unfold can be fascinating, that, when combined with the tales from countless characters in their own differing battles, struggles, and timelines makes for a long-spanning and involved read. I thought the characters were well-developed and interested, each possessing their own distinctive personality. the third person writing style runs smoothly and allows the reader to smoothly navigate the journey while wondering what the future has in store, and if that we now witness will change as things in the pass also alter. Action, heartbreak, danger, and a looming threat drive a character orientated plot where the final outcome is never certain.


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