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Book review: June V. Bourgo – Winter’s Captive (@junebourgo)

Georgia was a victim of circumstance. Her husband left her for another woman who was


carrying his baby. He was unaware his wife was also pregnant. She was returning home when she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Caught up in a desperate retreat by two bank robbers she is taken hostage. Fearful, and filled with concerned not only for the life growing within her but her own she realises she must do whatever she can. It took everything she had to escape, but it would take more than she knew she was capable of to survive.

June V. Bourgo’s Winter’s Captive is an immersive, gripping, survival tale and book one in the Georgia series. I loved every moment of Georgia’s story, her trials and hardships, the challenges and desperation. It was fascinating watching this meek woman’s transformation from submissive wife to a strong independent woman. But she didn’t do it alone. This captivating tale takes surviving in nature and living on the land to a deeper level as she connects with a native spirit who helps her with the transformation into the person she needs to be to survive. This is a truly inspiring and satisfying tale that has earned a place on my recommended books list. Written in a combination between first and third-person perspective, you will be engaged with not only Georgia but snippets of life as it continues without her. Fulfilling beginning to end with strong and relatable characters.

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