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Book review: Lisa Lowell – Ley Lines (@LisaLowell15)

All Gailin wanted to do was help people. She had dedicated her life to learning healing, to reviewtreating the sick and injured. But when a patient dies she is convicted of witchcraft and sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. What looked to be the end of her life wound up to be a new beginning. Her saviour imbues her with a gift she was destined to carry but was forced to flee before he could explain her calling. Now the eyes of a dark sorcerer have fallen upon her, seeking to take advantage of her gift while planning to invite an invasion to harness the magic of this land. Her saviour was destined to love her, but already wed he made a solemn oath to be faithful, a vow which left Gailan vulnerable. Can she survive and unlock all she must to survive, or will the dark force seeking to claim her turn her to his even whim?
Ley Lines is book 2 in Lisa Lowell’s The Wise Ones, but, reading it, I hadn’t realised it was part of an already existing series as it operates brilliantly as a stand-alone read. I found the third-person narrative well-paced and gripping while the descriptions added depth and imaginative world building to an incredible world. I enjoyed the different magic systems and the thought that had been employed as to how each one worked and fed power to those utilising it. The characters are vibrant, each bringing their own complexities to the plot. Engaging, compelling, and addictive, this is a book I found difficult to put down. I had to know what would become of Gailian as Drake used her name and magic against her to his own ends while Vamilion, against his desire to be with her, put a dangerous distance between them in order to remain faithful to his wife and avoid the compulsion to be with his mate. Engaging beginning to end, this will satisfy romance and fantasy lovers alike.

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