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Book review: Carmina Revealed By Adri Sinclair

Carmina Revealed is sequel to Hidden Carmina By Adri Sinclair and after reading the indexfirst one I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It is always hard to write a review for a sequel without spoiling some of the major events that occur in the first. That said the rich with lore, characters, and plot makes it a fantastic stand alone read.

Carmina was human, yet she was more. Things are filled with uncertainty as her mother’s clan struggles to cope with the aftermath of the first book’s events. The losses are mourned heavily, whilst everyone tries to secure and reclaim their lands to make it once more safe. But a war is coming and Carmina is prophesied  to be the one to end it. Something is stirring, hidden in the shadows seeking to finish a task started long ago. its focus realigned.

Adri Sinclair creates yet another gripping and character driven novel that keeps the reader hungry for more. Written in a finely crafted first person, the reader is drawn into Carmina’s thoughts and struggles, whilst also being given a third person insight from other main characters to create a full and well-rounded story. The lore of these books is nothing short of charming, unique ideas and a perfect balance of actual and imagined mythos create an amazing journey you can’t help but be invested in.


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Carmina Revealed


1 thought on “Book review: Carmina Revealed By Adri Sinclair”

  1. Thank you so very much for this amazing review! It came as a total surprise, and it was just now pointed out to me! ❤ Really appreciate the kindness!
    Adri Sinclair


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