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Book review: Take a Walk on the Dead Side by Jada Ryker

Even after the suicide of Macey Malloy was exposed, Amanda Sawyer continued to use reviewher identity. It was the only thing Macey had given her, and part of her wanted to hold onto it. Her father, leader of a fanatical cult, knew her whereabouts and she knew, even when she was proven innocent, the label of a murderer would always follow her. What she didn’t expect was for people in her own work place, colleagues and ‘friends’, to resort to manipulation and needless twisting of truth to get their own minutes of fame. Fortunately, Macey finds herself with a distraction, someone is stalking her intern, and she is determined to find out who.

Well written, enjoyable, light-hearted yet intensely gripping Take a Walk on the Dead Side will easily appeal to a wide audience. The characters and interactions are well scripted, with a plot that keeps you guessing until the very end. Wonderfully quirky.

Book link

Take a Walk on the Dead Side


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