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Book review: Zenzoris Returns by Jenny Burnley

Zenzoris Returns (The Sophie Radcliffe Series Book 1) by Jenny Burnley. Sophie Radcliffe is a top agent in the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency, feisty, with technology and indexcomputer skills that compete with even the most advanced species, not to mention a photographic memory make her the go to agent when things go wrong, and things have gone very wrong. Zenzoris, a dangers Drogg hell bent on domination of all the universes has escaped the seemingly impenetrable prison Sophie herself had devised, and boy is he angry. The destruction of Earth and Sophie the first priority on his agenda. By her side her partner, Tom Logan, an expert with weapons, and Justin Adams, a linguistic whose ear can crack even the most complex language in minutes. This trio now embark to return Zenzoris to his rightful imprisonment. But something about the whole thing seems strange, a hooded figure is seen aided what should have been an impossible escape attempt. Who is this, and what motives so they have for freeing the most terrifying enemy the Intergalactic Law Enforcement Agency has ever encountered?

With an exciting plot and twists this is one science fiction easy to lose yourself in. It takes all the aspects of sci-fi, technology, space travel, aliens, and makes it easily accessible, central to the plot, but not all-encompassing. The story itself focuses on the events within Sophie’s unit, whilst successfully creating scope and introducing aliens, their differences and a little of their culture. The characters are well-crafted, expressive and interesting. For a book that takes about an hour to read this is no small feat and pays great homage to the author’s talents. I look forward to more work from this author.

Currently 99p/99 Cents, pick up your copy today for a truly gripping read. I’ve already brought two copies of this, one for me and another for a friend who loves sci-fi.

UK: Zenzoris returns

US: Zenzoris returns



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