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Book review: Oric and the Alchemist’s Key by Lesley Wilson

Oric and the Alchemist’s Key is a fantasy written by author Lesley Wilson

Oric was appreciate to the alchemist, until Dunburton was setup on by rogues. Loyal and 511x8p4oxtltrue Oric sought out his master, but there was nothing to be done. His master,  before taking his final breath, presented him with the alchemist’s key, warning it was the key to great wealth, or great disaster if it were to fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, money lender and low-life Esica Figg overheard all, and seeks not only to claim the key as his own, but lay siege and claim for his own the lands of those who have Oric shelter and safety. Oric, unaware of Figg’s schemes, serves his new master, the apothecary Ichtheus, with pride, and relishes the pursuit of knowledge, while all the time trying to discover where the key may fit.

Oric and the Alchemist’s Key is a charming story. Lesley Wilson forges a vibrant world with deep and developed characters. It is easy to envision yourself walking the market, heaving with the life of the unwashed masses, or settling down before the fire in the Lord’s mansion after a hard day’s labour. The author writes a descriptive tale and creates the perfect atmosphere which is further enhanced by the dialogue. A gripping tale from start to finish.

Book link:

Oric and the Alchemist’s Key


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