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Book review: An Unwilling Recruit by John Evans

An Unwilling Recruit is the first book in The Armageddon Wars series and follow’s the 41jWSdspJkL__SX310_BO1,204,203,200_protagonist John Hunt through the dramatic changes forced upon him following his return from war. John was not a soldier but a journalist, intent on getting the story at all costs. But his last story had a high price indeed. The death of his camera man Andrew Johnson. Both men should have died that day, yet by some miracle John survived. But why? The more he digs into what happened to him, the more questions are left unanswered as he is drawn to the attention of two very interested parties from a world he had never thought imagined. John did not believe in anything, it’s time to rethink those beliefs.

The book itself is approximately a two hour read, with a strong continuous momentum. The narrative is enjoyable, and the manner in which the author describes events and places conjure vivid images, which are easily further brought to life by the reader’s own imagination. Within the first few pages I was instantly drawn to the characters, and soon as eager as John to discover exactly what had occurred, and why he was suddenly so unique.

This book really does grab a reader’s attention, and number two will be making its way into my collection before long as I am eager to discover where John’s adventure takes him next.

Here are the Amazon links:

UK: An Unwilling Recruit

US: An Unwilling Recruit


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