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Book review: The White Wolf Prophecy – Hall of Records by L.K. Kelley

I really enjoyed the second addition to the White Wolf Prophecy – Hall of Records by author L.K. Kelley. I found I enjoyed this book more than the first (and I really enjoyed that one), the focus on the plot and the events occurring around the characters really grabbed my attention.

The second book builds upon the foundations set in place by the first book, The White Wolf Prophecy – Mating,  and like any good book, further develops the characters we have come to know and love. Their interaction is real and enjoyable. I found the mythos and history well thought out, as well as the complex weaves of the unfolding story. With the events in the second book, I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next as we approach the climax of the series.

Speaking of climax, there is of course the return of the more intimate scenes between mates, since I don’t read erotica I can’t draw a reference on other materials, however, the scenes were well thought out and although frequent throughout the book, in no way overpowered or detract from the story line. This book is very plot and character driven, and the bonding of the characters in this manner serves an important role, so the balance found by the author is perfect for what needs to be achieved.

There are so many things that happen through the book, the introduction of new powers, the resurfacing of old ones, that I am really looking forwards to reading the third one. When I review the third book I will be able to discuss this further in detail, but to do so now would provide some major spoilers.

Here are the links to the Kindle versions on Amazon
US $2.99 The White Wolf Prophecy – Hall of Records – Book 2

UK £3.99 The White Wolf Prophecy – Hall of Records – Book 2

If you missed my review of the first book, you can find it here


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