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Author interview: LK Kelley

It is my great pleasure to present to you LK Kelley, author of The White Wolf Prophecy and the upcoming series the Anaerris Code. Titles in the White Wolf Prophecy include Mating, The Hall of Records and Scroll of Time. The latter title is the only one I have yet to read and review, and it is very quickly making its way to the top of my list, especially with the events driven through books one and two.

About the author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

First, KJ, I am honored that you asked me to participate in your Symposium, and I thank you.

I was born in…well, the date isn’t really important, is it? 😉 But, I was adopted at the age of lk kelley7 months by Jerry & Curtis Smith in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I attended all local schools, and graduated from UAFS with a major in music, specifically voice, and a minor in English. When I was 17, my parents and I traveled to Europe, bought a car, and drove all over Europe and England by ourselves, and we had many amazing experiences doing so.  I took ballet, tap, jazz, and eventually, toe for 7 years, and have sung since the age of 5.  I have worked in retail, law, real estate appraisal, and lawn care. I am also a professional Cake Decorator (icing sculpture) and Interior Decorator. Currently, I work part time at Sam’s Club.  I am married to an amazing man who puts up with a lot from me, and we have one daughter, who, coincidentally, looks most like the girl on my book covers! 😉  And, an FYI…I designed all my own bookcovers thanks to some really great photographers!

What are your hobbies?

I love collecting tea sets, particularly Belleek Porcelain, and I have an extensive collection of Walt Disney World Pins. I do crafts of all kinds:  from embroidery to needlepoint, to designing and making something from nothing, painting murals, and so much more.

Which writers inspire you?

Excellent question.  I absolutely adore classic Science Fiction and both classic and current, Paranormal as well as Romance books.  My favorites, and it comes as no surprise to SciFi lovers, are Jules Verne and HG Wells.  Their vision of what eventually came true, has always led me to actually wonder how they were so accurate in many things that we have today. Because of them, my imagination ran rampant, and I’ve always had an active one to boot!  My current favorite writers are Karen Marie Moning and Quinn Loftis.

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or paper/hard back books?

I love all formats. The pro of real books – I love the feel in my hands;  scent of the paper; no batteries, and they will always be around longer than I will live.  Con – more expensive than e-books, so I will only buy those that I truly like that I would read over and over.   I have a Kindle, one of the originals. The pro of e-books – purchasing free books; books I would never be able to afford if I bought as many books as I really want! Con – can only read so long on the screen till my eyes get tired; batteries that will wear out at some point. I love having real books to curl up and read; but I love e-books, because when I’m out and about, I can carry them with me, and read them whenever, and wherever, I want.  .

What are you reading at present?

I just finished “All I want for Christmas is You” by Lisa Mondello. And, have a “bookitlist” a mile long from my followers on Twitter, as well as others.

What is your favourite book and why?

That is a hard one to answer.  I have quite a list.  Favorite?  I guess “The Time Machine” by HG Wells. Bouncing from time to time, and the description of each time shows the vivid imagination he had! Time Travel has always been a favorite subject of mine, so this is the perfect book! And, yes…I saw the movie with Rod Taylor as well.

What is your favourite film/ series and why?

Short list? Star Wars, Star Trek, The Avengers, Captain America…you get the idea. It’s not a short list at all. But, one of my favorite movies of all time is “The Great Race” with Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon, and Peter Falk plus an all-star cast. One of the funniest movies EVER made! If you haven’t seen it, please do! You will love it! My favorite TV series?  Stargate SG-1…and Dr. Who, of course!

What do you feel is your greatest acomplishment?

Living.  I’ve almost bit the dust a couple of times. 😉

How do you relax?

A good book, a TV show, a movie, and sleep.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Find your own way to write – each of us has our own, unique way of writing with the use of outlines, notes, manually writing, or using a computer/tablet.  I prefer visualization, which I’ll explain in a later question.

If your friends could use one word to describe you what would it be?

Weird! 😉

About writing

What made you realise your calling as an author?

Like everyone else, I said, “Someday, I’m gonna write a book.” Most of us don’t. I stumbled into writing, because I was asked to edit an author’s book.  After that, I edited more.  The muse grabbed me for no other reason than a story popped into my head, and I just had to write it!  Now…those silly voices just won’t shutup!  So, I have to write more!

Where do your ideas come from, what inspires you?

I know it sounds glamorous to readers how we come up with our ideas, but the truth is, most of us find our stories in dreams, daydreams, a word or phrase we overhear, a song, and more.  Inspiration comes for me from the idea that I like to take stereotypes, and turn them upside down, and sideways that gives my books a whole new world of characters.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

I think this varies depending on the book. I wrote my entire trilogy in three months. That’s not at all typical, but the idea popped into my  head, and before I knew it, I had enough material for three books. But, at the time, I did not work.  Now that I work part-time, it takes a bit longer. 

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

No. No. And, a little bit. My writing takes place much the way a TV or movie is born – story boarding, but instead of them being on the walls, the board is in my mind. I couldn’t follow outlines in school, because they were far too restrictive. I have a general idea for a plot, but that’s not enough for me. I visualize in scenes, then act them out complete with everything from detail to conversations. Once I have that, I write the scene down. By doing this, I can keep the continuity flowing easier, as well as the story line, and editing afterward is much easier, and goes much faster.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Right now, time.  I really wish I could time-travel so I could have time to write! 😉

What is the easiest thing about writing?

Visualizing the story by using story boarding.  It makes it very easy for me.

Do you ever get writer’s Block and if so, how do you deal with it?

Rarely, but when I do, I “walk away from the computer”, and spend time doing something entirely different.  Usually, that ends it, and in fact, it’s when the next scene explodes into my mind!

How many books have you written, which is your favourite?

I have three, of course. I love to place at least one favorite idea in each book.  I do that because I don’t want to have favorites. I don’t want to show favoritism, so I just do this, and I find all of them are a favorite.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I half way through the first editing of the 1st book in my new series called “the Anaerris Code”.  At this point, I expect it to be released sometime this year, KJ.  I am on the first edit of the book as of this interview, and I generally do at least 3 edits for each book.

About the books

What genre are your books?

Science Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, adventure, occult, and some erotica. My books are only for 18 years and over, because I write them for adult women’s fantasies. 

What book titles have you released so far?

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Mating ~ Book 1

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Hall of Records ~ Book 2

The White Wolf Prophecy ~ Scroll of Time ~ Book 3

Tell us a little bit about the series

As I said above, I love completely rewriting and turning stereotypes upside down and sideways, and that is exactly what I did in The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy. Werewolves are being wiped out by an evil who comes from…well, you have to read the books to find out where – it’s a huge surprise.

An ancient prophecy found in a false scroll said that when the White Wolf appeared, it would end the evil called Zanack, who literally broke the rules of time by a curse, and thoroughout all three books, time begins to unravel in a very interesting way (I threw out those stereotypes as well).  Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara has no idea that she is a werewolf until her 27th birthday, when her Father, Canaan, sends her to his second in command in the backwoods of Colorado where she finds her mate, Cordone Valon, who not only delivered her, but claimed her at her birth. He is her Father’s best friend, and his second in command, but gave it up to live away from the clan, and now, he vows to avenge his best friend’s death.

She and her besties, Sara and Anita, must find their mates, and complete their matingspic2 book 1, and Lynne who finds her mate in book 2, before the prophecy will finally begin the end. When they realize that must find the real scroll which is found in the Hall of Records, but they need a specific person to help them.  That man is one of the mates, who has been “hiding out” for eons. And, finding out who, and what he really is, and where the Hall of Records is, will surprise even the most discerning reader! He is a special character that I created just for book 2.

The girls also discover that they have some incredible powers, and together, trying to get them under control drives them, and their mates, nuttier than a fruitcake! Zanack’s true nature becomes increasingly horrific through all three books, and his acts are  not for the tender of stomachs. The scroll is found, but not by our heroes, but by Zanack, and discovers why nothing has been making sense, and why nothing worked.  He realizes that he must use time itself to correct his first mistake thousands of years ago, and to do so, he has to return to the same time to recast the curse. You will read some more backstory of more of the characters as well. Vampires, elves, and humans come together  to find a way to defeat Zanack.  More surprises unfold as well.

Book 3 finds the girls perfecting their special powers the timeline completely beginning to unravel.  Cordone’s past comes to light, and he remembers something he forgot.  The story progresses, and the unraveling of time grows exponentially. They must get to Zanack to stop him when they realize that he discovers the scroll of time.  It is not until book 3 that you discover who Zanack really is, and it will keep you guessing from book 1 all the way through.  The end is like no other ending anyone has ever read, and will truly leave the reader completely surprised!  Sadness, anger, terrror, horror, and the surprise ending will keep my readers glued to their seats, and guessing who is Zanack?  I’ve only had one person guess who he really is, and I didn’t tell her.  So, get ready for a ride, and a mystery that isn’t revealed until the end!  And, the final ending?  Well, I guarantee you that you have NEVER read an ending like this one! It changes everything!

Where can we buy them?

You can buy them pretty much wherever books are sold, KJ. I found the easiest way is to pic4use my book’s website where any button can take you exactly where you want to go. This includes some for international as well. The buttons are easily labeled, and you can choose your favorite bookseller!  I’ve had compliments on my website for being so easy to navigate, and purchase.  I have also included links to my author pages where you can purchase directly from Amazon, Good Reads, Barnes and Noble, as well as many others, too.

Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

Kaitlan Seneca O’Hara doesn’t know she is a werewolf until, at the age of 27, she finds her picmate.  Once they have mated, the ancient prophecy is set into motion.  She is completely loyal to her friends, her mate, and their mates as well as her Clan and family.  She wants nothing more than to bring an end to the evil, but the possible, and probable, outcome has her  sad.  However, she gets help from the beyond, and her friends, and even…a god!

Surprises are around every bend, and when the ancient, botched curse stars to unravel, the repetition gets really irritating! She finds the full truth of who she really is in the last book, and she has no choice as to how to destroy Zanack.  The pain and horror of it all weighs heavily on all of them, but they will face whatever necessary to get rid of this evil that threatens to take over the universe. Kaitlan is the White Wolf, and it is she that ultimately must defeat the evil.  When she finds out she is more than just the White Wolf, all bets are off!

Who is your favourite character and why? (an unfair question I know)

Sarah Collins.  She is Kaitlan’s best friend, but her life was horrific when she was a child, and it’s graphic. Sarah is all alone untile Kaitlan discovers what happened to her when they are 5 years old.  Canaan O’Hara, Kaitlan’s Father, steps in to take care of Sarah, and saves her from the evil that has wrecked her little world.  It will make you cry.  But, she has a smart mouth on her, especially when it comes to her mate, Sam, and she’s the only one who can keep him in line by keeping him off kilter!  She keeps the girls in stitches of laughter despite her sad young life, she never allowed it to get her down, and she never will.

In what formats is your book available?

Paperback and ebooks at the moment.

When is your next book due for release?

Sometime in 2016. At this moment, I am on the first edit of my next book, the Anaerris Code.  I’m really excited, because it’s an entirely different series from my first one!  I don’t just stick to werewolves, vampires, and elves.  There are so many ways to incorporate the paranormal, I’m excited to explore all of them

Book titles and synopsis:

 The White Wolf Prophecy ~Mating~

The White Wolf Prophecy was long known by the Clan of O’Hara – except for Kaitlan O’Hara.  Kaitlanmating1 was an editor for Seneca Publishing House owned by her Father, Canaan.   Knowing that her life was in danger from an enemy by the name of Zanack, Canaan sent Kaitlan to edit the book of their best-selling author, Cordone Valon, who lives deep in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Kaitlan was not looking forward to it . Or as Kaitlan so colorfully puts it: 

“Forget ‘Neverland’. This was a trip into ‘Nowhereland’.”  

She resented her Father insisting she go to the one man she despised above all others.  Yet, she had never met him in person!  And, worse? She was sent the day before her birthday!   

Her twenty-seventh birthday marks her entrance into the supernatural world of which she had no knowledge.  When Canaan is murdered, Cordone is left with having to tell Kaitlan about who she really is. Their passion is all consuming.  Their mating, fast and furious. From the moment she discovered who, and what, she was, everything changed.   

In order for the prophecy to come true, and an ancient “curse” broken,  Kaitlan, and her three best friends, Sarah, Anita, and Lynne, must mate.    

Who is The One called Zanack?  He killed Kailtan’s Mother, and more Clan females are dying. They have to find who it is and stop him.  The secret is in the ancient scroll of the Prophecy which has been missing for thousands of years.  Unknown by all is that there were two scrolls, and the only one ever found was a forgery….


The White Wolf Prophecy “Hall of Records”

The White Wolf Prophecy ~Scroll of Time~

 The Anaerris Code (Coming soon)

Ever wonder what would happen if you discovered that you weren’t human, but part nephilim?  And, even much, much more? And, worse? That you were the sole being to preserve 4 races including Earth – and the entire Universe? Her imagination goes haywire, and she believes that storms are following her!

Both Jaxxon, her professor, and Taylor, her best friend, believe that someone, or something, is targeting Gem.  Their races have an ancient myth, which speaks of a Jewel of Anaerris, who would be the saviour of all their worlds, and the universe.  And, she would do so through another myth of an ancient book known as  the Anaerris Code. Together, with her friends, they enter into a whole world of myths, legends, and mysteries, and each one of them finds that they have a dangerous and deadly role to play.

Thus, begins a race against time to destroy the evil Eloran and Delinear who have plans to completely change the Universe through Terraforming.  Death, kidnapping, and the realization that Gem is a special person designed by the Creator, leads Gem to an alternate worlds through the Vorc’ara, Gem finds she is a being who should not even exist.

Adventure, surprises & shocks are around ever corner as the reader turns the pages. 5-Star author of the White Wolf Prophecy leads the reader into danger and adventure, along with some romps in between as well!  As the story unfolds, the reader finds the truths about all the myths, legends, and mysteries, as well as nephilim, angels, and the fallen, were not what we believed!



Connect with the author:

Amazon Author Page: LK Kelley on Amazon

Blog: I have 3





Twitter: @lkkelley1


Again, KJ…thank you so much for the opportunity!


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