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Book review: The Gift Stone by Bianca Rowena

Bianca Rowena brings you a story which could be straight from Star Wars in The Gift Stone. The Gift Stone is the first book in Bianca Rowena’s The Gifted series. Rita was reviewraised by the temple as a temple girl, but following an encounter with Takano Rynn, leader of the dark army she fed to the obscurity of Central City, where she could be lost to the crowds. Takano had been on a rampage, murdering anyone within the temples, and any who would dare oppose him, all in search of the Gift Stone. It was rumoured it could bring his evil reign to an end, he knew he had to find it before someone else can use it against him. When his path crosses with Rita’s he sees something familiar in her, something he can use to make himself stronger. Fleeing to Central City Rita makes new friends and allies, but the threat is far from over. Both Takano and Dukath are now aware of her, and will stop at nothing to seize her. Women are rarely born with the Gift, and Rita herself does not believe she possesses it. But there are things occurring that even she cannot ignore.

Bianca Rowena has written an entertaining and fantastic fantasy/ science fiction book. I really liked Rita’s character. For such a young woman she carries a lot of weight on her shoulders. From loneliness and knowing she is different, to being fearful of her actions and weaknesses. The Gift Stone will make an excellent addition to any fantasy lovers library. It starts with promise and builds up momentum the deeper you journey through the tale. From surprising allies and hidden secrets, to unlikely friends, betrayal, and danger. Rita makes some difficult decision which shape her character and growth, but also drive the readers attachment to the characters deeper. The Gift Stone has twists and surprises, and an element that will satisfy even the pickiest science fiction and fantasy fans.


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author, book review, reading, writing

Author interview: LK Kelley

It is my great pleasure to present to you LK Kelley, author of The White Wolf Prophecy and the upcoming series the Anaerris Code. Titles in the White Wolf Prophecy include Mating, The Hall of Records and Scroll of Time. The latter title is the only one I have yet to read and review, and it is very quickly making its way to the top of my list, especially with the events driven through books one and two.

About the author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

First, KJ, I am honored that you asked me to participate in your Symposium, and I thank you.

I was born in…well, the date isn’t really important, is it? 😉 But, I was adopted at the age of lk kelley7 months by Jerry & Curtis Smith in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I attended all local schools, and graduated from UAFS with a major in music, specifically voice, and a minor in English. When I was 17, my parents and I traveled to Europe, bought a car, and drove all over Europe and England by ourselves, and we had many amazing experiences doing so.  I took ballet, tap, jazz, and eventually, toe for 7 years, and have sung since the age of 5.  I have worked in retail, law, real estate appraisal, and lawn care. I am also a professional Cake Decorator (icing sculpture) and Interior Decorator. Currently, I work part time at Sam’s Club.  I am married to an amazing man who puts up with a lot from me, and we have one daughter, who, coincidentally, looks most like the girl on my book covers! 😉  And, an FYI…I designed all my own bookcovers thanks to some really great photographers!

What are your hobbies?

I love collecting tea sets, particularly Belleek Porcelain, and I have an extensive collection of Walt Disney World Pins. I do crafts of all kinds:  from embroidery to needlepoint, to designing and making something from nothing, painting murals, and so much more.

Which writers inspire you?

Excellent question.  I absolutely adore classic Science Fiction and both classic and current, Paranormal as well as Romance books.  My favorites, and it comes as no surprise to SciFi lovers, are Jules Verne and HG Wells.  Their vision of what eventually came true, has always led me to actually wonder how they were so accurate in many things that we have today. Because of them, my imagination ran rampant, and I’ve always had an active one to boot!  My current favorite writers are Karen Marie Moning and Quinn Loftis. Continue reading “Author interview: LK Kelley”