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Book review: The White Wolf Prophecy – Scroll of Time – Book 3 by LK Kelley

Scroll of Time is the third book in The White Wolf Prophecy Series, having read the other scroll 1two I was looking forward to seeing where the author would take the protagonists and how the series would be concluded.

The book itself continues to focus around the four female protagonists, their mates, and the antagonist Zanack.This book does well in tying up the plot, exposing the truth behind what is happening and why, as well as creating some very interest and in depth reasons and mythos behind the how and why everything within the book until this point occurred, including evens such as the Vampire wars. Continue reading “Book review: The White Wolf Prophecy – Scroll of Time – Book 3 by LK Kelley”

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Author interview: LK Kelley

It is my great pleasure to present to you LK Kelley, author of The White Wolf Prophecy and the upcoming series the Anaerris Code. Titles in the White Wolf Prophecy include Mating, The Hall of Records and Scroll of Time. The latter title is the only one I have yet to read and review, and it is very quickly making its way to the top of my list, especially with the events driven through books one and two.

About the author

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

First, KJ, I am honored that you asked me to participate in your Symposium, and I thank you.

I was born in…well, the date isn’t really important, is it? 😉 But, I was adopted at the age of lk kelley7 months by Jerry & Curtis Smith in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  I attended all local schools, and graduated from UAFS with a major in music, specifically voice, and a minor in English. When I was 17, my parents and I traveled to Europe, bought a car, and drove all over Europe and England by ourselves, and we had many amazing experiences doing so.  I took ballet, tap, jazz, and eventually, toe for 7 years, and have sung since the age of 5.  I have worked in retail, law, real estate appraisal, and lawn care. I am also a professional Cake Decorator (icing sculpture) and Interior Decorator. Currently, I work part time at Sam’s Club.  I am married to an amazing man who puts up with a lot from me, and we have one daughter, who, coincidentally, looks most like the girl on my book covers! 😉  And, an FYI…I designed all my own bookcovers thanks to some really great photographers!

What are your hobbies?

I love collecting tea sets, particularly Belleek Porcelain, and I have an extensive collection of Walt Disney World Pins. I do crafts of all kinds:  from embroidery to needlepoint, to designing and making something from nothing, painting murals, and so much more.

Which writers inspire you?

Excellent question.  I absolutely adore classic Science Fiction and both classic and current, Paranormal as well as Romance books.  My favorites, and it comes as no surprise to SciFi lovers, are Jules Verne and HG Wells.  Their vision of what eventually came true, has always led me to actually wonder how they were so accurate in many things that we have today. Because of them, my imagination ran rampant, and I’ve always had an active one to boot!  My current favorite writers are Karen Marie Moning and Quinn Loftis. Continue reading “Author interview: LK Kelley”

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Book review: The White Wolf Prophecy by L.K. Kelley

Following my new found fandom of author Sallyann Phillips thanks to her Angel’s Blood series, I, a person who had never really enjoyed werewolves, decided to try another book in the same genre. This book was the first booking in The White Wolf Prophecy series by  L.K. Kelley.
I can honestly say I have never read anything like it before. I happened upon the author some time ago, and brought the book without even reading the synopsis, I actually do this quite a lot truth be told.
It is very hard to give details regarding the story without them being spoilers, however as always, I will remain spoiler free.
The White Wolf Prophecy following the protagonist Kaitlen as she discovers the truth not only about who she is, but what her appearance mean to supernaturals (elves vampires, werewolves etc.) but her new found identity isn’t all she must come to terms with, there are things which started a long time ago which threaten to destroy everything which she had just discovered and all she desires to protect.
The book has a very interesting story, and since I have never read anything containing erotica before, and whilst not naive I still found myself blushing at parts. The story itself has numerous gratuitous sex scenes, then again, with the book title being ‘Mating’ this is to be expected and essential to create an understanding not only of the bonds formed, but the species and changes essential to the book and ongoing plot.
This is yet another author who will be appearing again on my reading list as I add the other books in the series to my wish list. I cannot wait to find out what happens next in the story.