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Book review: Born F.R.E.E. By Dean C Moore

Born F.R.E.E. By Dean C Moore is a science fiction/ Thriller by Dean C Moore.

Ray Cunningham is in charge of running the FBI’s indexdepartment who hunt down America’s most wanted. But Ray has a secret, he is an uncaught serial killer himself. He instantly begins to recognise tells in his new partner Nick, and begins to mentor him in more than just way. All the time whilst attending Serial Killers Anonymous. Nick’s devastating good looks see him the central point of much attention, and soon people begin profiling the profilers. His own esteem in his field is likely to offer a small bout of protection, but how much? Not enough. Fortunately there are other distractions, more pressing matters. With a whole new class of super criminal Ray and his partner Nick set up their own agency called SPY, inc, and its staff are anything but clean cut. I would love to put more, but with so many unexpected twists I don’t want to risk ruining the surprises in store.

If you love your high-tech gizmos you’ll love this read, there are  some imaginative items which could easily be deployed/ developed. Dean C Moore’s work put me in mind of a cross between Fringe, Dexter, and Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon (Probably more popularly known as the TV series Hannibal.) There is some beautifully scripted dialogue, as well as cringe and chuckle worthy moments.

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