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Book review: Hegira by Jim Cronin

Hegira by Jim Cronin is a Dystopian, Time-travel, science fiction centring around the indexprotagonists Karm, and his involvement with Maripa and Doctor Jontar Rocket. Karm was sent back in time with a very specific agenda, to prevent the extinction of the Brin, the only hope the universe has to overcome the current threat. Armed with carefully selected information regarding the past he is sent to the planet in order to develop the means to keep his people from extinction, without causing too much damage to the timeline. But his mission is not without obstacles, his allies begin to question him, trust wavers and with the rising or The Faith and their collaboration to control all which is Karm’s, if he is to succeed he needs to stay ahead of their schemes.

I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book, it not only expertly executed a time travel science fiction plot, but also approached modern day concerns on topics such as cloning and the viewpoints and discussions on attempting such a thing. Whilst we are reading about an alien race, the author does a fantastic job in ensuring we connect with the characters and their strife on a personal level. It becomes not about the fact these are aliens and different to humans, which in some books steal the focal point, but about the story, the plot, and the danger being faced. I found it very difficult to put down, Karm, the main character, is playing a very involved game of manipulation, trying to outwit those who would oppose him, and I always wanted to know what he had up his sleeve next.

The book itself is nicely written and flows smoothly. There is a great balance between description and leaving things to the reader’s imagination, which is something I greatly appreciate in a writing style. It has a very well thought out plot, and clearly the author has spent some time assessing the practical requirements of what was needed in order to make the plot and the plans within a success. All in all, a very good read and deserving of the 5 stars I have awarded it.

Here are the links.

UK Hegira

US Hegira


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